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It is good that you did this because someone else who is not you would've done it. I appreciate smartness!

Oh, thank god. I thought this was gonna be some pervy shit. I'm so glad...

ChutneyGlaze responds:

okay then why'd you click?

It's nice to see a stickman animation in 2020. They're still cool.
So, this is cool, but the animation seems a bit too smooth.
The timing just seems off, so the impacts aren't sold well.

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Cool. I like the PiCO8.
My game froze though, so I won't finish the first chapter here on NG. I would've, but now I won't.

FredericSouchu responds:

can you reproduce?
what is on mobile or browser?

You should:
- Make the background a bit more interesting;
- Fix being able to lose standing in the battle before the Ready countdown finishes;
- Fix the idle character sprite being truncated.
Something that threw me off is how Down comes after Left. I've always associated Up coming after Left because of clockwise rotation.
Very fun and I really like the art style. The third rival fight is bullshit though.
Even after locally remapping 1234 to Left-Down-Up-Right (with a script since there's no official support) and obscuring the left and bottom side of the screen, I didn't beat him. I also wonder how many people did, and if the developers did, because it's ridiculous.

This game was made for a gamejam so it makes sense that the illusion of choice is nonexistent but it's still unforgivable to have a dating sim like this.
I liked how awkward it was. Especially the part the character gets asked what else he likes. That was cringe inducing.
I was expecting this to end in a realistic tone - which I was honestly enjoying although it almost got preachy - but I'm glad to see it ended in a hopeful one. Pretty nice indeed.

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Right up me alley.


Hahahha, I love this. It's like Filthy Frank.

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modern life...


this is cursed

aspiring programmer

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